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Shanghai Shengshi Information Technology

Shanghai Shengshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and service of foreign trade customers. After years of accumulation in the foreign trade industry and research and development of professional and technical teams, the company aims to help Chinese enterprises develop international markets and serve Chinese foreign trade enterprises. Shengshi Foreign Trade Development System provides a series of overall solutions for the development of potential foreign trade customers, tracking of Global trade data, and so on. It helps Chinese enterprises to solve the problem of finding customers in foreign trade one-stop. It also provides one-to-one precise service according to different products of foreign trade enterprises.

Enterprise Vision: To build the first brand of foreign trade pioneer software and become a respected world-class enterprise!

1.Simple, clear and efficient business model.

2.To fulfil social responsibility.

3.Employees have goals and grow happily in the organization.

Enterprise Mission: Achieve employees'dreams, create customer experience, and lead Made in China to the world!

1.Achieving Employee Value and Creating Common Business

2.Achieving Employee Value and Creating Common Business

Enterprise Values: Creating value for customers is our eternal pursuit.

1.Change makes one grow, faith makes one happy.

2.Choose to pay mentality, take the initiative to assume responsibility, and act to fulfill commitments;

Enterprise spirit: sincere, united, pragmatic, upward, pioneering, innovative, brave and dedicated!

The information source comes from the search engines of 200 countries and regions in the world. This is the largest enterprise information base in the world. As long as the software is used, it can be developed to new customers all the time. There are inexhaustible customer resources.

Shengshi Foreign Trade Development System can help you find customers globally, 200 countries and regions around the world, choose randomly, sort according to the initial alphabet of each country, truly achieve global customer search, and support different languages.

All customer information searched by Shengshi Foreign Trade Development System is extracted from customer websites in real time. Search engines from all over the world collect information in real time to ensure the real-time and up-to-date nature of resources.

Instructions & instructional videos

Provide a complete set of system operation instructions and teaching video materials to help you learn and master the system faster.

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Consulting Hotline & Remote Assistance

Provide 7 x 24 uninterrupted telephone service, using remote assistance to help you solve problems encountered.

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Foreign Trade Consultant-Technical Support

Senior foreign trade consultants provide you with one-to-one gold medal service, so that you can get more than expected service and experience.

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Free Updates - More Functions

Platform dynamic display, you can understand the latest product trends.

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CCTV Network [Midnight News]

In the first half of this year, China's total foreign trade import and export value increased by 3.9% year-on-year. China's foreign trade with emerging markets is full of vitality.

Shanghai Shengshi Information Technology

Address: No. 5475 Yunchuan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai < br /> span > Shanghai Headquarters (Technical Service Center)

Consultation telephone: 400-021-0658

Tengzhou Branch of Shandong Province (National Sales Center)

Address: 13th Floor, Block B, Meiming Business Building, Tengzhou City, Shandong Province

Consultation telephone 0632-5581287

Qingdao Branch (Technical Service Center)

Address: Xiaogang Famous City, North District, Qingdao Phase 2

Zip code: 266011