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Did you do this after sending samples of foreign trade inquiries?

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Many foreign trade partners say that they receive a lot of inquiries every day, but why are there no news after sending samples? No news is likely to be your part of the error, the following diplomatic circles teach you how to do the right thing?

I. Timely notification is very important

1. Inform customers of your sample information at the first time by mail or courier invoice, including when Courier's sample tracking number will be sent and when it will arrive.

2. Formal invoices are also indispensable. Formal invoices are not only necessary documents for customs clearance of customers, but also important records for sample management of exporters.

3. Please confirm after receiving the sample.

II. Sample Management

1. Sample management table can be designed, including the country of sending samples, customers, sample names, sample versions and production batches, sample quantity, amount, etc.

2. Keep formal invoices properly for archiving.

3. Customer's assessment of samples should also be added to the sample management table.

III. Tracking of Samples

1. Ask if the sample arrives smoothly or not, express the importance to customers, embody the professionalism of foreign trade, and avoid being forgotten.

2. Follow up the progress of client's sample with quality inspection report (access test, end-user experience, exhibition, etc.).

3. Customer's evaluation of the sample, satisfaction or dissatisfaction are to find ways to let the customer give specific instructions.

IV. Establishing stable links

1. Regardless of the short-term orders, try to establish a stable relationship with the sample customers and keep the company informed of the new situation of the product line.

2. Frequency of communication is very important. Let customers have your feeling, because the existence of E-commerce makes customers always face numerous temptations.

99% of foreign businessmen may make mistakes in foreign trade marketing!

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Many foreign trade companies, in the beginning, tend to move forward with a momentum. But if we go ahead rashly, we will often go into some misunderstandings. Some misunderstandings may just take some detours, and others will make all efforts in vain. So stop before you're ready to run. Check your equipment and direction and make any mistakes.

Myth 1: Planning is not important

If you don't have a plan, you will go ahead blindly and be eager to achieve it. For example, many foreign trade enterprises, after discovering the advantages of online marketing, have put their eyes on this area, but they do not have a plan of their own. Today, some people say that if you do this well, you can do this one. Tomorrow, a new product merchant says good and invests in another one. In the end, that one has not done well, and the effect is not good. Just think that the network is just like this, there is no need to invest energy to do it. In fact, in order to do a good job of the network, we must carry out an overall planning. From website construction to network promotion, we can choose the most appropriate way step by step combining our products and company strength to achieve the marketing effect. If we hope to follow the industry's story and act, then we will never reach the forefront.

Misunderstanding 2. New Media Operation is FB

Most foreign trade enterprises will have the understanding that establishing their own accounts and publishing some content regularly is the deployment of new media operations. But in fact, this is only the most basic work. In order to achieve results, the most important thing is to dialogue with the target customer groups, generate interaction, and observe data, summarize the factors that can bring about behavioral transformation through data, and constantly optimize strategies. It is not the end point to start implementation and maintenance, but the goal is to get results through operation and maintenance. Regardless of the main platform, systematic learning plus practice is the best.

The only way.

Myth 3: Many foreign trade teams think that to do a good job in marketing, they need to master all the technology and resources, and then start recruiting the whole team, supporting all kinds of personnel, and build their own system from scratch. The embarrassment is that when a team is formed according to their own ideas and a lot of technology is trained, they find that the end of the effort is just the starting point of others. Because now the knowledge of foreign trade marketing needs, involving more and more media, if everything must be hands-on, will fall into the mud of energy and resources. In fact, the role of foreign trade enterprises in marketing should be responsible for starting from business logic, clarifying their needs, setting realistic goals, and putting their energy into core business, which is the right way to open up.

How can foreign trade salesmen improve their work efficiency?

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Question: Brother, I am a newly graduated foreign trade newcomer. Now I have entered a small foreign trade company of 10 people to be a foreign trade sales salesman. Because every salesman in the company is an independent accounting business, the company has no one to take me with me. The old salesmen are busy with each other. Now I turn on the electricity early every day. Brain, in addition to entering the Alibaba English Station to deal with some inquiries, I feel idle. Recently, the company's Alibaba inquiries are not much, and the order transaction is far away. My business is becoming more and more unsure. Recently, I feel very confused and my colleague relationship is also very cold. I really want to know how other salesmen can arrange their working hours effectively, and I also want to know how a mature salesman can improve his working efficiency.

Answer: As a foreign trader entering the workplace, first of all, you should have a correct working attitude. A foreign trade salesman's maturity and success depend more on his own experience and self-learning, and ultimately he can really grow and succeed, so you should have job independence. Like the foreign trade salesman you are experiencing now, essentially a "small company", with the company will have independent business accounting and profit sharing, which is the most common practice in small foreign trade companies, based on such a company management model, the old salesman naturally will not have a great enthusiasm to help out. New traders, so you should first adjust your professional mentality, let alone complain about colleagues'indifference. Remember that as long as you put your heart and effort into it, you can grow up through self-learning and experience.

Then the above topic, here is also a suggestion for foreign trade company owners: foreign trade companies should provide a platform and space for the training and growth of salesmen, because untrained salesmen are the biggest cost of a company.

The reason why I chose this question to discuss is that it is very representative. There is a lack of perfect and continuous business training for foreign trade salesmen, especially for new foreign trade workers. This has always been the pain and shortcoming of small foreign trade companies. In fact, a foreign trade salesman needs very long experience and learning from beginning to familiarize himself with his business and finally to be truly mature and successful. In addition to the self-learning of the salesman himself, the foreign trade company should give the salesman continuous business training at the company level.

But the reality is that the market price of foreign trade training is relatively high, and the knowledge level of the managers of small and medium-sized foreign trade companies is uneven, which ultimately leads to the lack of business training for foreign trade salesmen. Like some very mature foreign trade sales team companies, foreign trade training for salesmen is very systematic. Generally speaking, this is how to operate:

First of all, there will be an old salesman to help new salesmen. The company will provide system guarantee in performance incentive. Because the old salesman to help new salesmen out of the performance, the old salesman can enjoy a certain profit sharing, so the old salesman has a certain motivation and incentive to help new salesmen, and the company business team every day. There will be routine morning meetings, through the way of self-sharing of salesmen and guidance of business managers to solve the daily business sales process problems, summarize and share experience, solve business dilemmas and so on.

As a foreign trade enterprise, the boss and the management regularly share the experience of foreign trade sales with the salesmen of the company. They also invite some excellent friends and entrepreneurs from the industry to share their speeches with the company. They can also participate in the foreign trade e-commerce sharing meetings of some organizations. It is a cost-effective investment and investment for the training of foreign trade salesmen. Input, foreign trade training for salesmen should always adhere to the idea that "untrained salesmen are the biggest cost of a company".

Back to Tabitha's question, how can foreign trade salesmen spend their working days efficiently?

1. Maintain a full and positive sales mentality and mood every day

In fact, whether it is foreign trade or domestic trade, the sales mood and mentality of a salesman is very important, because in daily sales practice, a foreign trade salesman spends more time waiting and experiencing the setback of flow sheet. In fact, the business orders you really deal with in the inquiries you receive every day are very important. A small proportion, such as 30 inquiries, you will receive one or two decent real orders. That is to say, most of your time is in the face of setbacks, and foreign trade salesmen often fall into the sales adversity period. In this period, you feel very hard and diligent, but customers just don't pay for orders, so one The sales mentality of a foreign trade salesman is very important, so my suggestion is to forget yesterday's negative sales mood every morning, think about happy things more, keep a positive sales mentality is very important, and for foreign trade salesmen, I suggest you keep the habit of reading paper books, foreign trade newcomers can read some. Sales books, in the face of sales adversity and frustration, know how to adjust their mentality and mood, remember, a good salesman every day from a positive and full sales mentality, good mentality and mood first means high efficiency!

2. Self-learning ability of foreign trade salesmen

For a foreign trade salesman, continuous learning ability is the most important quality. Every morning when you enter the company, you can learn through the Internet. For example, you can browse some foreign trade e-commerce posts, e-commerce training videos and so on. If you do cross-border e-commerce, you can browse the information of e-commerce media. Learning time does not need to be very long, usually within 20 minutes, but we must keep a habit of learning every day, similar to washing face and brushing teeth every day. By browsing information like this, you can learn about the dynamics of foreign trade e-commerce industry, foreign trade rules and clauses, exchange rate price trends and other trading core, if you can protect. Habits and perseverance will ultimately yield great results.

3. How to deal with foreign trade mail efficiently

E-mail is the main way for every foreign trade salesman to communicate with customers. Here I would like to share how I can efficiently handle a day's work email. The first way I want to share is to "insist on seeing every email before dealing with all matters, rather than looking at one email to deal with one thing".

The reason why I insist on reading all the emails of the day and dealing with them one by one is as follows: For example, I receive 30 to 40 emails every day, and the work content of each email will have priorities, and many of the work emails are handled with the assistance of other departments. New salesmen often do this. Errors, a day on fire to deal with an email result a whole day has not been handled, do things without planning, no overall planning, such work efficiency is very low.

My way of dealing with email is this: insist on reading all the emails and make a list according to the importance of things. The list I have in this way is generally divided into "important emergency mail, important emergency, urgent and unimportant, not urgent and unimportant". Because some of the work content needs the cooperation of other departments to complete the work, so the nature of mail work can be divided into two ways: independent processing and coordinated processing. After reading all the mail, I will do the same thing. That is to reply to all mail customers with a reply letter: "The mail has been read, your mail has been read." Things will be dealt with quickly. "This way of dealing with mail is first of all a kind of etiquette and courtesy, and to ensure the timeliness of mail replies, so that customers will be very comfortable in mind, but also reflects our great importance to customers, and to leave enough processing time for themselves, because many of the customer's mail work content is all. It takes a lot of time to process, such as making a contract, etc. It takes a long time for you to return the contract to the customer, so the timeliness of the mail is very poor, and the customer will feel that you do not pay enough attention to his mail.

After sending a unified email to customers, "The mail has been received, I will reply as soon as possible", we will deal with it one by one according to the priority of the mail content according to the mailing list. After processing a mailing item, we will cross out one item in the list until the mail reply is completed one day after processing, so that the effect of mail processing will be very good. Efficient. Please remember that planning and overall planning are the most efficient ways of working.

4. Effective allocation of working resources is the fundamental to improve the efficiency of foreign trade mail.

Responding to customer's business email is actually the focus of our foreign trade business staff's work content. How to do a good job in responding to foreign trade customers'mail directly determines the efficiency of our business staff. My suggestion for the reply skills of foreign trade email is to rationalize work resources and work energy according to the importance of mail. Allocation.

For example, customers who are about to place orders immediately must be the top priority of their daily work. For such customers, we must follow up frequently. (There is also a question of reminder skills. You can see an article above: Lesson 272, How can foreign trade salesmen efficiently reminder orders?) For customers who are about to place orders, we must devote the greatest energy and resources to follow up with customers, and sincerely help customers to solve the questions of products and transactions. You must remember this clearly. Only when you really solve all the questions of customers and meet the interests and needs of customers, can customers really place orders. Here you are, we have solved the email response of key customers, and we will reply to some inquiry emails of new customers, such as sending price lists, etc. My suggestion is that you must make a customer follow-up form and software, through this visual unified management of customer email follow-up, so that the work efficiency will naturally improve a lot.

5. Mail Follow-up Skills for Different Classifications of Customers

Our e-mail follow-up strategies are certainly different for customers of different importance. Before talking about skills, the first thing we want to say is that we should control several principles in responding to customer e-mail:

No1. Simply explain the problem, because this is business mail, using the shortest English words to clarify the problem is the greatest efficiency, because your customers are very busy, time is very valuable.

No2. Pay attention to the frequency and time of replying to email. Replying to customer's email should take into account the different working hours and working habits of overseas customers. The premise is that you should know your customers. If the time of replying to email is in line with the working habits of customers, your impression in customers will be greatly improved, and you should try your best to be in the same position. One e-mail will write all the content and solutions clearly, avoid endless email to customers to supplement notes, which will show that your salesman's professional ability is very poor, and will make customers feel irritable.

6. Highly Service-Oriented Reply Mail

As we mentioned in the article just now, first of all, our daily key reply must be the key customer who is going to place an order. For such customers, we should choose highly service email reply. We must solve the problems and questions raised by customer email and the solutions with the highest efficiency, and try our best to follow them. Customers have more communication, the best way is to add a customer's mobile phone even communication tools, through even communication software tools to precisely control the customer's intention to place orders, the most efficient solution to customers'doubts, for customers to make the most positive preparation for orders.

7. Transformative Mail Follow-up

This kind of customer's characteristic is that customers gradually change from product consultation, enterprise consultation and sample consultation to the intention of placing orders from the beginning of inquiry negotiation. Mail follow-up principle for such customers is to follow-up continuously, and to maintain continuous follow-up. At the same time, it is necessary to follow up with heat and cold balance. Generally, it is given to such customers in three to six days. A household email can not only solve the problems of products and enterprises raised by customers in the mail, but also regularly give customers some new product introductions and new prices. For such follow-up, we must believe in persisting in achieving our dreams, and have patience and sincere devotion.

8. Long-term mail follow-up

In our daily inquiry email, we will find that many customers will not have business cooperation with your company in the near future, and even many of them have completed the purchase plan for that year. For such customers, we only need to do some general mail maintenance, such as sending some product information regularly, price list and so on. Mail, even for this kind of can be imported into a management software to send uniformly, the time cycle can also be extended a little, from once a week to several times a month.

Through the follow-up of these three types of mail customers, I want to tell you that the fundamental way to improve the efficiency of foreign trade work is to rationally allocate their work energy and work time, different customers respond differently, so as to really improve the efficiency of work.

9. Do a good job of customer mail information classification management and customer analysis

Now our company's foreign trade customer development channel is mainly active search and development and B2B platform. We will have a very systematic analysis and classification of management for the daily inquiries of overseas customers. Firstly, for the online inquiries, we should train salesmen to judge the value of each online inquiry first, from the content of the inquiry. Country, professionalism of inquiry content, detailed degree of inquiry contact method, judging customer's gold content and value through the way of website browsing of overseas companies left behind by customer inquiry, developing customers according to different customers and investing different resources, we generally recommend salesmen to make it for each follow-up customer. A form is classified according to the importance and follow-up degree of customers. We directly use the mail management and customer management module in the development and tracking system of Dingyi Chinese customers to classify the management. The salesman can clearly control the follow-up of all his customers every day through this, and can make the follow-up of overseas customers clear and efficient.

The analysis and processing of customers is the most important thing for a foreign trade sales team. My approach is to hold regular business analysis and sharing meetings to encourage salesmen to say the dilemma and confusion in the process of business follow-up. Through the guidance of foreign trade business managers, all of us work together and make plans to solve the problems of salesmen in business start-up. In fact, this is the most important way for the sales of foreign trade companies. Such customer analysis and sharing can not only help the business growth of salesmen, but also help the salesmen to maintain a team ownership. Feeling and full of sales emotion.

10. Importance of the Work Plan of Foreign Trade Operators

To improve the efficiency of foreign trade, foreign trade clerks must have the habit of writing work plans. For foreign trade newcomers, I also suggest the habit of writing work diaries. Through the formulation of work plans, we can promote our foreign trade work visually and step by step. My suggestions on how to write a good foreign trade work plan are as follows: Simplified and efficient execution is actually an advantage. Foreign trade is a very practical work. It refuses to be exaggerated and tedious. In fact, the work plan is more for the salesman himself, so execution is fundamental. Generally speaking, the work plan is divided into the following parts:

No1. What are your recent sales goals? Remember to make it very clear and realistic.

No2. How do you plan to achieve and accomplish your goals? What's your method?

No3. Who do you need to work with to achieve your sales goals? For example, business manager, your factory, freight forwarding company, customs declaration and inspection company, Alibaba Datong, etc.

No4. What is the efficiency of each customer's follow-up?

Our suggestion for the foreign trade salesman's work plan is to print it out and put it in the most eye-catching position on the desk, so that he can monitor his work progress and work efficiency at all times. For his own work plan salesman, he should be good at summarizing and thinking according to his business practice, and be a salesman in his department's business. Managers should also be involved in the promotion of the work plan of the salesmen, because the promotion of the work plan of the foreign trade salesmen, especially the new salesmen, is one of the most effective ways to promote the growth of the salesmen. Through the formulation and implementation of the work plan, the foreign trade salesmen can also find their shortcomings in the foreign trade work. Disadvantages, which requires foreign trade practitioners in the late foreign trade practice to constantly improve and self-improvement.

11. Summary of Small Skills for Improving the Efficiency of Foreign Trade

No1. I remember getting up earlier than others. Foreign trade salesmen have a bad habit of working late at night and getting up very late during the day. Although there are many cases of working with customers in the evening because of jet lag, I still suggest that you try to go to bed before 12 o'clock to ensure a reasonable sleep and get up early the next day at the same time. To get up early is the beginning of your day's efficient work. If you get up after 12 noon every day, where will your efficiency be?

No2. To advance the implementation according to the work plan, it is better to print out the work plan, and analyze the deficiencies in the daily practical process, communicate with colleague business managers and learn more. According to the work plan, you can achieve orderly promotion work and ultimately improve work efficiency.

No3. It's very important to reply to and solve all the contents of the day's mail as far as possible. It's very important to solve today's affairs today. Keep yourself in a habit of dealing with things efficiently. Over time, your work will naturally be efficient.

No4. The habit of recording at any time, note paper is actually a very good tool to improve efficiency. It can urge you to finish your work efficiently by recording your momentary thoughts, the things you need to solve immediately and the things you need to do in time.

No5. Always adjust your state and take a reasonable rest at work, such as shrugging your shoulders for an hour, looking out of the window and drinking quilt water for two hours. This will make your work energetic and work-leisure combination naturally improve your work efficiency.

No6. Be good at using foreign trade tool software, such as Tingyi China Customer Development and Tracking System (QQ: 2420820763), Foreign Trade Exchange Rate Software, Alibaba Information Retransmitting Software, etc., software tools will definitely improve your work efficiency.

No7. Salesmen are diligent in learning foreign trade professional knowledge, factory product knowledge. The more professional you are in foreign trade knowledge, the more skilled you are in control of factory product knowledge, the more professional you are in foreign trade. This way, you will have a good working efficiency.

No8. Never procrastinate. Do things according to the list according to the plan, according to the importance of customers, according to the priorities of things, remember to do the most important and difficult things first, so that from complexity to simplicity, your work efficiency will be very high, your mind will be very relaxed.

No9. Keep your desk clean and tidy. In fact, this principle is the same as what your teacher asked when you were at school. Only students with clean desks can be good classmates. Also, keep a clean desk, your work efficiency will naturally improve.

No10. The key to improving work efficiency is that you should be diligent in summarizing your own work efficiency, reflecting on your own shortcomings, and constantly summarizing and accumulating to continuously improve, and ultimately achieve the best and most efficient working state.

Foreign Trade Order Acceptance Process

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1. Customer inquiries: Generally, before customers place orders, there will be relevant inquiries to the business department, to do some details of understanding. & nbsp; 2. Quotation: Business Department replies to customers'inquiries in time to determine the name of the goods, model, manufacturer, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packaging specifications and cabinet type, etc., and make formal quotation with proforma invoice to customers. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 3. Get orders: After negotiation, receive formal orders from customers. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 4. Placing production orders: After receiving confirmation of customers'orders, place orders to the factory and arrange production plans. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 5. Business approval: After the business department receives the order, it first makes the business audit form. Fill in the items according to the "Audit Form for Export Contracts" truthfully, and specify all the estimated costs as far as possible. The contract approval shall be accompanied by a fax of the customer's order and the purchase contract with the factory. The audit form shall be signed by the salesman, approved by the Department manager, and submitted to the management personnel for examination before execution. If the amount is large, or there are provisions such as advance payment and commission, the approval of the general manager of the company is required. After the contract is approved, the sales order is made and sent to the Department programmer for follow-up. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 6. Delivery of production notification: After confirming the delivery date, the business department can issue production notification to inform the factory of on-time production in the following circumstances: & nbsp; 6.1: If the customer pays for L/C, it usually confirms that L/C has been received one month before the delivery date. After receipt of L/C, it shall examine the L/C separately by the salesman and the creditor to check whether the L/C is in stock or not. In case of errors, guarantee of delivery time, and other possible problems, the customer should be asked to correct the certificate immediately. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 6.2: If you are a T/T payment customer, make sure that the deposit has arrived. 6.3: If it is a depositing customer, or through bank D/A, etc., it needs the confirmation of the manager. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 7. Inspection & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 7.1: One week before the delivery date, the company inspector should be notified to inspect the goods. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 7.2: If the customer wants to inspect the goods by himself or by designated inspectors, he should make an appointment with the customer one week before the delivery date and inform the Planning Department of the inspection date. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 7.3: If the customer appoints a third-party inspection company or impartial inspection company, he should contact the inspection company two weeks before the delivery date and make an appointment for inspection time to ensure that the time is arranged before the delivery date. The inspection time will be notified to the factory after confirmation. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 8. Preparing basic documents. Packing information provided by the factory, export contract, export commercial invoice, packing list and other documents (should be produced by the business documentary officer, to the documentary officer). & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> & nbsp; & nbsp; & 9. Commodity Inspection: If it is a national statutory commodity inspection product, when placing an order to a factory, it is necessary to specify the requirements of commodity inspection, and provide the information needed for commodity inspection such as export contracts, invoices, etc. In addition, it is necessary to inform the factory of the export ports of future products so as to facilitate the factory to conduct commodity inspection. The exchange certificate/slip of commodity inspection should be obtained one week before shipment.

10. Chartering and warehousing:

10.1. If the contract with the customer is FOBCHINA, the customer will usually appoint a shipping agent or shipping company. Should contact the forwarder as soon as possible, inform the shipping intentions, understand the export ports to be arranged, shipping dates, etc., Q confirms whether the factory delivery can be earlier than at least a week before the date of departure, and whether the time of delivery can meet the customer's requirements. A written warehousing order (INGORDER) should be sent to the freight forwarding company two weeks before the delivery date, and the warehousing paper can usually be obtained one week before the shipment. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 10.2. If the seller pays the freight, consult the shipping company or the shipping company as soon as possible about the shipping date, freight rate, port of departure, etc. After comparison, choose a shipping company with favorable price, good reputation and suitable shipping time, and inform the salesman to notify the customers. If the guest does not agree, we should choose another shipping company approved by the guest. Written warehouse booking two weeks before sailing, the procedure is the same as above. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 10.3. If the goods are not enough for a small cabinet, when the bulk cargo needs to be removed, order the bulk warehouse with the forwarding company. When you get the warehousing paper, you also need to know the closing time, warehousing customs declaration requirements, and so on. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 10.4. When fixing warehouses with a transport company, it is necessary to fax a written warehouse-fixing paper indicating the date of the ship, the type and quantity of the cabinet, and the port of destination, so as to avoid errors. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 11. Arrange towers: & nbsp; & nbsp; < p />. 11.1. After the goods have been completed and the goods have been inspected, the trailer company shall be entrusted with the task of taking the cabinets and loading them. Trailer companies should choose safe, reliable and reasonably priced companies to sign agreements for long-term cooperation to ensure safety and punctuality. The following information should be faxed to the trailer company: warehousing confirmation/container paper, shipping company, warehousing number, truck authorization, indicating the time, type and quantity of the container, the address of the container, the customs broker, and the loading port, etc. If there is an inspection company looking at the container, special declaration should be made that it should not be late. And request to send back a cabinet information, indicating the cabinet number, license plate number, driver and contact number & nbsp; & nbsp; < p />. 11.2. Fax a loading information to the factory, specifying the loading time, cabinet type, warehouse number, order number, license plate number and driver's contact number. & nbsp; 11.3. Require the factory to fax a loading notice to the business department as soon as possible after the container leaves the factory, specifying the time when the container leaves the factory, the actual loading quantity and so on, and record the packing number and the sealing bar number as the information of the bill of lading. After requiring the factory to be loaded. 11.2. Fax a loading information to the factory, specifying the loading time, cabinet type, warehouse number, order number, license plate number and driver's contact number. & nbsp; 11.3. Require the factory to fax a loading notice to the business department as soon as possible after the container leaves the factory, specifying the time when the container leaves the factory, the actual loading quantity and so on, and record the packing number and the sealing bar number as the information of the bill of lading. It is required that the factory must remember the seal after loading the cabinet. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 12. Entrusted Customs Declaration: In the towing cabinet at the same time, the information required for customs declaration is submitted to the cooperative customs broker, and the export customs declaration is entrusted and the commodity inspection customs clearance and exchange form is made. Usually two days are set aside for customs clearance (before the ship closes). When entrusting customs declaration, a container information should be provided, including the goods and quantity loaded, port, shipping company, warehouse number, cabinet number, ship opening and closing time, Trailer company, cabinet type and quantity, contact person and telephone of the company, etc. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 13. Obtain transport documents: & nbsp; & nbsp; < p />. & nbsp; & nbsp; 13.1. Within two days after shipment, the contents of the bill of lading replenishment shall be faxed to the shipping company or freight forwarder. The replenishment should be made according to the requirements of L/C or customers, and the correct quantity of cargo, as well as some special requirements, including the ship certificate required by the shipping company to accompany the bill of lading, etc.

13.2. Urge the shipping company to submit the model bill of lading and freight bill as soon as possible. After checking the samples carefully, confirm the contents of the bill of lading in writing to the shipping company. If the bill of lading needs to be confirmed by the customer, the sample bill of lading should be faxed to the customer first, and then the shipping company will be required to issue the original after the confirmation. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 13.3. Pay the freight and miscellaneous charges in time, and inform the shipping company to obtain the transport documents such as Bill of lading in time after payment. Payment of freight should be registered. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 14. Prepare other documents < p />. 14.1. Commercial invoices: Among the documents required by L/C, commercial invoices are the most stringent. The invoice date should be determined after the opening date and before the delivery date. The description of the goods in the invoice should be exactly the same as that in L/C. Both lowercase and capitalized amounts should be correct. The terms and conditions of invoice in L/C should be shown and the mark should be displayed. If the invoice needs to be certified by the Embassy of the other party, it should be processed 20 days in advance. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> FormA Certificate of Origin: FormA Certificate of Origin should be submitted to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau before delivery. It should be noted that the date of shipment should be before the L/C delivery and departure date and after the invoice date. If it fails to do so before shipment, it is necessary to provide documents such as customs declaration and bill of lading for post-processing certificate. For goods transshipped through Hong Kong, FORMA certificates are usually issued to the China Commodity Inspection Corporation in Hong Kong for additional signatures to prove that the goods have not been reprocessed in Hong Kong. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 14.3. General Certificate of Origin: General Certificate of Origin can be processed by China Council for the Promotion of Trade, with lower requirements. It can be replenished within a short period of time after delivery. If the certificate of origin is to be signed by the embassy, it should also be processed 20 days in advance, as is the invoice. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 14.4. Shipping Notice: It is generally required to notify the customer of the details of the shipment within a few days after the start of the ship, including the name of the ship, flight number, date of departure, expected arrival date, cargo and quantity, amount of money, number of packages, shipping marks, port of destination agent, etc. Sometimes L/C requests proof of delivery, such as fax report, base sheet, etc. Be careful to process within the time required by the guest. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 14.5. Packing list: The packing list should clearly indicate the packing situation of the goods. To show the quantity in each box, gross weight, net weight and outer box size. The total volume calculated according to the size of the outer box should be in accordance with the indicated total volume. The shipping mark and the box number should be displayed so that the guests can find them easily. The weight and volume of the packing list should be in conformity with the bill of lading. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 15. Payment: & nbsp; & nbsp; < p />. 15.1. If L/C is adopted to collect foreign exchange, all documents shall be prepared within the prescribed time for presentation, and the documents shall be examined strictly to ensure that there are no errors before they are submitted to the bank for negotiation. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 15.2. If T/T is used to collect remittances, the bill of lading shall be faxed to the guest immediately after the bill of lading is obtained and the original bill of lading and other documents shall be sent to the guest after confirmation of the receipt of the balance. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 15.3. If T/T collects remittances and requires full payment to make cabinets, it is necessary to arrange towing cabinets after receipt. The original bill of lading can be sent to the guest immediately after the bill of lading is obtained. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 16. Business registration: Every export business should be registered in time after completion, including computer registration and written registration, so as to facilitate future inquiries, statistics and so on. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 17. Document archiving: All documents, L/C and negotiation documents must be kept in a complete set for reference. & nbsp; & nbsp; < p /> 18. Documentary clerks should pay attention to collecting information such as freight rate changes, shipping dates, routes, etc. to help salesmen quote prices.

The Characteristics of South Asian Market and How to Develop South Asian Customers

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Many salesmen develop customers will not analyze the customer's market, as long as there are enquiries to catch one, maybe in the short term to see the effect is good, but want to enter this market for a long time, this alone is not enough. In an invincible position. Today, Xiaobai Trading will talk with you about the situation of the South Asian market.

Overview of South Asia

1. Region

There are seven countries in South Asia, including Nepal and Bhutan as landlocked countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as coastal countries, Sri Lanka and Maldives as island countries. Sometimes Afghanistan is counted as a South Asian country, while northern Afghanistan belongs to Central Asia. In addition, Myanmar and southwestern China are also greatly influenced by South Asia culturally, so they are sometimes included in the scope of South Asia. South Asia is one of the poorest regions except Africa.

2. Economic and Industrial Development

South Asia is a developing country, with agriculture as its main part and industry as its supplement. Industry is also a light industry, such as clothing and things. South Asia is a region with unbalanced development. Its population accounts for one fifth of the world's population. The market is still very large. However, due to religious and political factors, the local political situation is caused. They are not stable. Because of these factors, there are various risks in the trade market of South Asia.

The fastest growing region in South Asia is India, which is rich in coal, iron and other minerals. It is involved in new industries such as electronics, automobile manufacturing, atomic energy, aerospace and aerospace, especially in software, and occupies an important position in the world.

South Asian Customer Characteristics

1. Price

Customers in this area are more sensitive to price and like to bargain; take Indian customers for example, they all like to bargain, but they also hack indiscriminately, maybe half as soon as they come up, so we can quote a higher price first, and Indians will also tell their competitors your quotation, hope that You can get a better price from your competitor, so that your previous negotiations with him are a waste of time, making wedding clothes for others, so unless the order is formally confirmed, don't easily give you a formal offer.

2. Quality

Everyone likes the beauty of cheap goods, especially for South Asian customers. When negotiating, this often happens. Customers say that we are developing countries with low economic level. The price of all kinds of equipment can't be compared with that of developed countries. If it's not because the price is cheap, why don't you come to China for purchasing? We do have inexpensive products, but when it comes to quality, we need to be in line with the international standards. To be the best, we are really tired to meet such customers.

Export risk in South Asia

In fact, the risk of collection in South Asia has always been a problem, want to default, non-payment, returns and other situations are particularly common in this region, so in the face of South Asian customers, when talking about payment conditions, we must choose a less risky way of payment, otherwise you will lose a lot if you are not careful.

In doing business with Indians, we should pay attention to: first, Indian law allows importers to not pay for delivery; second, it is difficult to return goods in India. The worst possible outcome of exporting to India is delayed auctions and empty payments. So many times, there will be such a situation, 30% of the payment received, after delivery suddenly received additional requirements from customers, this is a dilemma.

In these areas, free samples are sometimes required to deceive the sample.

In addition, the Bank of the other party should also be investigated. Many times we will use the letter of credit, which requires judging whether the Bank of the other party is reliable. Nowadays, cases of fraud through the letter of credit occur frequently.

Maintaining good customer relationship is not just a matter of saying

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When it comes to customer maintenance, many friends say that as long as they have money, customers who are difficult can handle it. For domestic customers, you may be right, but customers in international trade may not necessarily be useful. After all, customers abroad, you can not rush to give gifts to customers, let alone invite customers to dinner. So it really takes a lot of effort to maintain the relationship with foreign trade customers. Now let's talk about how to maintain the relationship between foreign trade customers.

Now let's talk about how to maintain the relationship between foreign trade customers.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; absolute respect for customers

Respect for customers means to be grateful and do every step of your life well. For example, the quotation of products should be reasonable. Don't be a fool and offer high prices for violence. If luck is earned by you, when the customer knows about it, the latter order will be gone, and the customer will tell you in front of other customers. They are not good.

The other is to say one thing about the products. Never give inferior or bad products to customers, nor fish in troubled waters, thinking that customers are abroad anyway, mixing some inferior products to him, and he can't find you for a few products.

Respect for customers is also reflected in earnest reply to each customer email, if you do not understand the problem, you must first understand clearly before answering customers.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; good faith and principle are indispensable.

Promise that the customer's business must be satisfied, for example, after the quotation, as long as within the validity period of the quotation, even if the exchange rate fluctuates sharply, it can not increase the customer's price. Promise customers that the product production Sunday and shipping date must not be changed at will (in case of natural disasters, also communicate with customers in advance). Certificates or certifications that promise to be processed by customers should also be processed in time.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; think for customers everywhere & nbsp;

Think about customers everywhere and how to help them save money or reduce risks. For example, war risk can be recommended in war-torn areas. Where labor costs are high, customers can be advised to buy strike insurance.
If we contact freight, we must find a more reliable, timely notification of the arrival of goods to customers, to avoid demurrage. To put it plainly is to treat the customer's goods as their own.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & do more things besides Sales & nbsp;

In fact, there are other things that can be done between sales and customers besides business. For example, when a customer's birthday or a customer's national holiday, he or she must send his or her wishes. Customers want to set up offices in China, you can drive customers to field trips and so on. In fact, if you do more, customers will be able to slowly become friends with you, and the relationship between friends is much closer than that of pure business contacts. With friends, do you still worry about not having an order?

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; need to pay attention to:

Although maintaining customer relationship requires sincerity and enthusiasm, this does not mean that all principles can be abandoned for customers. In international trade, customers with poor reputation and integrity are ubiquitous. Therefore, the above four methods of maintaining customer relationship are based on mutual trust and respect between the two sides, if the customer disrespects you. If there are fraudulent and illegal acts committed by customers themselves, then don't contact customers for some orders or interests.